About Me

Hello ‘all sweet things lovers’! My name is Athina and I am a Greek gal living and working in London as a pastry chef for the last 8 years. I studied culinary arts and have worked in a few of the capital’s best hotels like the Dorchester, as well as the Berkeley and now working as a pastry sous chef at the Royal Lancaster hotel. After years of experimenting, failing and of course succeeding I have decided to share with you a few of my recipes, tricks and techniques in pastry so you could bake at home like a pro! You will not only be seeing simple recipes like cinnamon buns, cookies(lots of them) and sponges, but you will also come across more special occasion desserts like glazed mousses, éclairs/profiteroles and macarons. I hope you share and enjoy my passion for pastry as much as I do and I do apologise in advance for any jokes or puns. (Definitely intended!)

Meringue kisses xx